Assembly Meetings Calendar

Continuation of the Plenary Session

Tuesday, 13.02.2018 10:00


9. Interpellation of the Prime minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Ramush Haradinaj, regarding to the request by PG of LDK and of the PG of LVV, to discuss about the decision of the Government of Kosovo no.04/20 date 20.12.2017, the decision no.05/24 date 12 January 2018, for the pay increases of the all employed categories that receive salaries from the budget of Kosovo and the decision no.15/24 date 12 January 2018, for the amount of the monthly salary for the families on the Social Assistance Scheme,

10. Parliamentary debate, on the request of the Vice President of the Assembly, Mr. Kujtim Shala and six (6) undersigned MPs regarding the Report on 100 days of work of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo,

12.. Review of the recommendations of the Committee on Education, Science, Technology, Culture, Youth, Sport, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Ratification of nine (9) members of the State Quality Council,

14.Voting of the report on the environmental situation in Kosovo for the year 2016.