Announcement regarding the visit of the Functional Committee in the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

Saturday, 26.11.2016

Organized by the Unit of the European Parliament for before joining the EU, a delegation of the Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions shall participate in the Inter-Parliamentary Conference, with the topic:
"Non-discrimination of people with disabilities in the EU countries inexpansion", which will be held in Brussels, Belgium, dated from 28-29 November, 2016.

Delegation group consists of: LirijeKajtazi, NenadRashiq, MexhideMjaku-Topalli and MytherHaskuka.

Within the discussions of the respective Parliaments representatives: LirijeKajtazi, Chairperson of the Functional Committee shall discuss on the topic:

"Developing a barrier- free accessibility to transport services for the disabled".