Assembly of the Republic of Kosova


The Assembly Administration, under the authority of the Secretary General of the Assembly (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary), provides professional, technical, administrative services, as well as other necessary services for the Assembly and its bodies.

The Assembly Administration is comprised of civil servants, including the Secretary of the Assembly who is the senior official of the Administration, who fulfill working duties according to the authorizations and responsibilities set out in this regulation.

Civil servants in the Assembly Administration shall perform their duties professionally without expressing any political preference in their working activities, and respecting the principles of professionalism, privacy, integrity, impartiality and trust.

Special political support staff shall be employed to assist in political work particularly for members of the Presidency. The technical administration of their employment is done through the Assembly Administration, but they are not considered part of the Assembly Administration civil service. The status of special political staff is regulated by a respective act of the Presidency.


Assembly organizational chart