Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

The Assembly Building


The building of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo was built in the 50’s, the XX century, and it was reconstructed in 1960.

Main designer of the reconstructed object was professor Jura Naidhart, world known architect, first associate of the world-renowned architect of the modern architecture, Le Corbusier.

The Assembly building is situated in the center of Pristina, the “Mother Theresa” square. It its vicinity, you may find: the Government Building, Pristina Municipal Assembly building and main square of Pristina.   

The general surface of the Kosovo Assembly premises is 22 thousands square meters, whereas the Assembly building has the surface of 11 thousand square meters.

The Assembly building has five floors, with three entrances from the main street: main entrance – from “Mother Theresa” Square, entrance from “Adem Jashari” Square, and entrance from “Agim Ramadani” Street. There is also a special entrance, built for emergency cases.  

Out of the 11 thousand square meters of the surface outside the Assembly building, 6 thousand square meters are used as parking places for the MPs and Kosovo Assembly administration staff. The rest of the surface, 5 thousand square meters, is green space. 

The Plenary Hall

The plenary hall of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo has the area of 400 square meters, and is located on the ground floor of the building. There are 143 seats reserved for elected MPs of the Republic of Kosovo, 21 seats are for the Government Cabinet, and 84 seats are reserved for the guests at the plenary sessions.

Improving the environments of the Kosovo Assembly and adapting to the needs of that time period are part of the everyday work of the Assembly staff.  However, major repairs are done in 2003-2004. At this time, many changes were made to the plenary hall, office of the President of the Assembly, in the meeting rooms, the facade of the building was done etc.

Renovation work was completed on 16 February 2004, and at that time the solemn opening of the plenary hall was also held.

The offices

In the building of the Assembly of Kosovo, there are offices dedicated to the administration and political staff. Likewise, there are special meeting rooms for parliamentary committees and parliamentary groups.

The Cabinet of the President of the Assembly, which is located on the first floor of the building, occupies seven offices. One is the president’s office, where he hosts various delegations. In this cabinet, there is also another working room for the president.

In the cabinet hallway there is a place where press conferences are held after the meetings of the president of the Assembly.

The Assembly Library

Within the premises of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo there is a library, which is used by MPs, as well as the administration of the Assembly. The library has about 2 thousand books from various fields, such as: politics, history, sociology, psychology, foreign languages dictionaries, literature, natural science, art, etc. It is constantly being enriched.  

The Visitor’s Center

In 2012, the Assembly with the support of NDI opened the Visitor’s Center which serves as the first room for hosting groups of visitors. In the middle of it there are photos of MPs from previous legislatures, presidents of the Assembly, gifts from high level international officials and other material for the public.