Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Assembly, Nexhat Daci participated in debate “Kosovo policy challenges in the year 2005”


Independence is nonnegotiable, because it emphasizes the population’s will Standards aren’t done just for statute issues, theirs realization enables the establishment of integration processes of Kosovo in EU and in North Atlantic Treaty Minority members to be Kosovo’s grandee citizens. To not accuse children of any population for the effects due to their parents

Members of the Assembly of Kosovo speak to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly


Until the final status of Kosovo will be resolved, NATO PA would invite members of the Assembly of Kosovo to attend NATO PA events whenever Kosovo will be on their agenda

Parliamentarians of Belgium, France and Germany Visit the Assembly


Different possibilities for the support of the three parliaments were discussed.

President Daci Meets Former OSCE KVM Chief, William Walker


Walker: "USA has been involved towards achieving international support towards the advancement of the status of Kosova."