Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Members of the Presidency of the Assembly welcomed a delegation of Advisory Committee from the Council of Europe


Members of the Presidency of the Assembly of Kosovo, Naim Maloku, Gazmend Muhaxheri dhe Xhezair Murat, welcomed today in a joint meeting a delegation of Advisory Committee from the Council of Europe, lead by Asbjom Eide, Chairperson of the Committee and have discussed with him regarding the work of the Assembly of Kosovo on implementing the Convention Framework for protection of national minorities.

The deputy Naim Maloku initially informed guests with the composition of the Assembly of Kosovo, emphasizing especially the participation in the Assembly of nine political subjects from minorities, when the absolute majority of this are being integrated successfully in Kosovo’s society and have same opinion with the Albanian majority for the future of the country, meanwhile only deputies from Serbian List for Kosovo boycott the institutions of Kosovo. He went on talking about the preparations of the institutions of the country on beginning the negotiations for status definition of Kosovo; he also mentioned the negotiation Group of Kosovo and its working groups, in which minorities of Kosovo will be represented as well.

The other member of the Presidency, Xhezair Murat, was focused on the matter that the international factors who visit Kosovo disregard the non-Serb and non-Albanian minorities, who support the will of majority population in Kosovo. He meanwhile emphasized that he is satisfied with the official use of minority languages in the Assembly of Kosovo. Murat has emphasized that Bosnian minority in Kosovo is educated in their mother tongue, even has two Faculties in Kosovo and has estimated as noxious the Serb and few Gorani insistent that education should be processed according to Serbia plans and only in Cyrillic Alphabet. On this occasion, he has estimated the negotiation Group as incomplete without the incorporation of representatives of the minorities on it.

The Chairperson of the Advisory Committee from the Council of Europe, Asbojm Eide, reminded to the members of the Presidency of the Assembly of Kosovo that one of the standards for Kosovo is the implementation of recommendations of the Advisory Committee of European Committee. He was satisfied that minorities will be incorporated in working bodies of negotiation Group and will contribute on the future status of Kosovo.