Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the Turk Deputy Prime Minister, Gyl


The President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Nexhat Daci, today welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Turkey, Abdullah Gyl and has discussed with him about the status definition of the country, for relations between two countries and for the possibility of Turk capital investment in Kosovo.

Turkey can do a lot for Kosovo  

Daci has assessed that Turkey as a country with strong economy, member of NATO and in the process of becoming also member of European Union, can do a lot for the process which Kosovo is going through and generally for cooperation in many fields of life, especially in the plan of economy.

To invest in Kosovo

He encouraged the Turk deputy Prime Minister to flatten the possibilities for investments especially in the net of main roads of Kosovo and in the reservoirs of the country

We have a common history

The deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Turkey, Abdullah Gyl, who was accompanied by coworkers and deputies of the Parliament of Turkey, was very happy to visit the country that has a good part of the common history with his country. He, even, has stated that in Turkey live more habitants with origin from Kosovo than what Kosovo has today.

Turkey will invest in economy and in protection of cultural objects

Gyl has expressed the will of the Turk Government to invest in the economy of Kosovo and has précised that the means for maintenance and repairing of objects of the Turk-Islamic inheritance in the territory of Kosovo have already been shared.   

The negotiation process in the path of the population’s will

He expressed the hope that the negotiation process will lead the way of fulfilling the will of Kosovo’s population and that Kosovo shall be a democratic country with freedom and guaranteed human and minority rights.