Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the Turk Deputy Prime Minister, Gyl


Good historic relations between Kosovo and Turkey Extensive opportunities of cooperation in many fields of life

Daci welcomed also the SRSG in Kosovo, Petersen


Was discussed regarding the agenda of the works in the Assembly and also for softening the process which Kosovo is going through

Public Hearing regarding the Draft law for RTK


It is aimed to be regulated the issue of information and transferring based on high professional European standards, respectively functioning of the public media totally independent and transparent, out of political influences

The Parliamentary Committee for Public Services, Local Administration and Media discusses about reforms of local authority administration and the meeting in Vienna


The meeting in Vienna was done in the trail of few informal meetings between Kosovo and Serbia, the meeting was done with the initiative and intercession of the special representative of SG of UN, Kai Aide The treatment of Kosovo’s delegation was of the state level, as well as the delegation of Serbia

From the Plenary Session of the Assembly


The working Group for harmonization of the text of Resolution for the independence of Kosovo was established Within the week the work should be finished and shall call the special session The Assembly deliberated seven draft laws The Session continues on Wednesday