Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The meeting of the Committee on Budget and Finances of the Assembly of Kosovo


High expenses were marked during the use of vehicles, telephones, in daily-pay, representation, official travels etc. The control of expenses is more than necessary, meanwhile in the till now practice, especially daily-pay, are not controlled Reductions should not lead in worsening the functioning and maintenance of investments

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the ambassador of Italy in OSCE, Bascone


It was discussed about the relations of institutions of Kosovo with international mechanisms, especially with OSCE Urgently should be established the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs Serbs of Kosovo have more indulgence than any other minority in Europe

From the meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly


Resolution for the independence of Kosovo postponed for later The offered text of Resolution essentially differs from the proposer’s and makes impossible to the Presidency to call a Plenary Session for its approval The composition of both proposed texts from parliamentary committees (for international cooperation and legislation) shall be added in the platform of negotiation Group The work of proposed committees shall continue as well as the parliamentary groups for harmonization of the Resolution’s text

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the Turk Deputy Prime Minister, Gyl


Good historic relations between Kosovo and Turkey Extensive opportunities of cooperation in many fields of life