Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Members of the Presidency meet the ambassadors of OSCE


A delegation of 25 members of ambassadors of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe with residency in Vienna was welcomed today in a joint meeting by the President of the Parliament Daci and other members of the Presidency of the Assembly of Kosovo.

Initially Mr. Daci informed the ambassadors of OSCE for developments in Kosovo, for composition and the work of institutions and responsibilities on their and Kosovo people’s goals for the future of the country.

The independence of Kosovo is non-negotiable, repeated his very known opinion the Head of Legislature of the country, but has emphasized that it can be negotiated also with internationals, but also with Serbia, the path of realization of people’s will of Kosovo for independence. He stated that only one of 17 represented subjects in the Assembly does not support the independence.

Kosovo has human and natural resources to be normal state, said Daci and guaranteed to the ambassadors of OSCE that Kosovo will be an open democratic country, in which minorities will have free and guaranteed development. He also said that parallel to the negotiation for status definition of the country will be worked on fulfilling the standards and has stated that the mission of KFOR and OSCE will be necessary even after the recognition of the independence of the country. On this occasion Daci appreciated the work of UNMIK for redevelopment of the country in the first three years of after war and especially the good work of SRSG, Petersen and his deputy Rosin regarding the establishment of good relations with local institutions and preparations on status definition for Kosovo. Meanwhile, Daci appreciated OSCE for organizing the four time elections in Kosovo, which were evaluated as the best in region.

Responding to the questions of the ambassadors of OSCE for the situation of security in Kosovo, especially in the phase of discussing for the status, Daci emphasized that even though Kosovo still doesn’t have competences for security and justice, doesn’t expect riots and destabilization of the country, even has added that Prishtina continues to be the safer place then New York, London, Paris and Berlin. However, he insisted in establishment as soon as possible of the Ministry of Justice, of the Internal Affairs and Intelligent Service, as a precondition for a better security in the country.

At the question of the ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro, Graçeviq that weak Kosovar opinion regarding the non-negotiability of status will affect the process of negotiation and would be discouraged for Serbs of Kosovo; Daci responded that to negotiate for status with the country which even six years after war doesn’t return the dead bodies of Albanians killed by its army and police, means to not resolve that even if you negotiate for six hundred years. He, meanwhile, reminded the fact that from Belgrade with war was taken the sovereignty upon Kosovo and it actually lies in SC of UN and will be given to the population of Kosovo.