Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the President of the Association for disability persons, Agim Vatovcin


The President of the Assembly of Kosovo, academic Nexhat Daci, welcomed on a meeting the Head of the Association for disability persons of Kosovo, Agim Vatovcin.

The aim of this meeting was presentation of achievements of this association and possibilities of cooperation with local institutions, which would be in the function of progressing its activity. Informing the President of the Parliament with few of results of this association, Agim Vatovci emphasized that time ago the leadership of the Association for disability persons of Kosovo had a meeting with Queen Silvia of Sweden, and they have established a very good cooperation with an USA association. The Kosovar association already is a member of the European Alliance on Muscular Dystrophy. In trail of these activities Vatovci mentioned the meeting with similar association of Croatia, where he was informed with the cooperation between this Croatian association and the Parliament of Croatia.

Another success was the fact that from the preparatory meeting with the President of the Parliament, this association got to employ 11 disability persons in different organizations of the country.

In the light of the practice that have these similar associations from the region and the world with their parliaments, Vatovci was engaged that also this Kosovar association to have a deputy in the Parliament of Kosovo, to be drafted a law on protection of disability persons and also to take an initiative for securing the necessary premises for this association.

With regard to this issue, the President of the Parliament Daci emphasized that the Parliament of Kosovo will stand always close preoccupations of this association in order to progress its activity. Regarding the law, it shall be drafted and shall be submitted to parliamentary procedure for deliberation and adoption. Meanwhile, regarding the providing a deputy seat in the Parliament, was proposed that this issue to be submitted for solution in the frame of the new Law for elections in Kosovo. However, representatives of this association can always participate in the Committees work, when discussing about topics that reflect with the position of these persons, also giving their opinion as experts for relevant fields in case of amendment the laws. Similar to this, the Head of Legislature of the country promised that he will recommend to relevant subjects to find possibilities for providing with an office that would enable as normal activity as possible for this association.