Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament welcomed the delegation of the Leading Council of Prishtina University.


The President of the Assembly of Kosovo, academic Nexhat Daci welcomed today the delegation of the Leading Council of Prishtina University, lead by Prof. dr. Jahi Hoxha.

Main discussion topics were current situation in the University, especially to those that deal with obstacles and get into the educational and science approach of students and professors. It was a unanimous assessment that the situation of the University of Prishtina is very bad. And it has been the same since 15 years, especially during the occupation.

Even in the years of freedom the University is not having the deserved support, emphasized the President of the Parliament Daci. There exists a misunderstanding of the Government and also of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology towards the new managing structure of UP, who took important obligations on its responsibility.

Meaning, to have support when needed, no lack of will. The dynamic of development of the processes in UP doesn’t stand prolongs. On this occasion the President of the Parliament promised to the University Leadership understanding on over passing the obstacles regarding the implementation of the Law on managing the public finances. The Assembly of Kosovo will take on his responsibility that in the fast parliamentary procedure to amendment this law.

Discussing about the financial difficulties on what the UP is facing, Jahi Hoxha emphasized that on this occasion the University is on an extraordinary bad position. This is making impossible the return of new professional employees that has gained grades in West, but at the same time influences in resignation of present staff in the UP. The amendment of few provisions in the mentioned Law will enable to the University to manage itself that part of the budget established by student’s fees and other incomes.

The requests of leadership of the UP do not violate the competences of the Government nor of the Assembly, but they do open job positions for students and new professional employees towards scientific and educational building. We have been preoccupied and have big political problems in the approach of realizing the age-long dream. Now we are at the final of defining the status and we somehow forgot the daily problems in education and health. After the definition of the status we’ll return to solving all this problems one by one. Therefore, knowing all this, the President of the Parliament invites students and professors that on Monday they should be at University to continue the battle of knowledge. Let us all respond to this invitation, with no argumentation, was the core message of the President of the Parliament Daci.