Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The meeting of the Committee on Budget and Finances of the Assembly of Kosovo


The Committee for Budget and Finances of the Assembly of Kosovo, lead by Naser Osmani Chairperson of the Committee in the frame of the initiative taken time ago that to the Government of Kosovo shall be proposed a Program of saving the expenditures, in today’s meeting in which participated also the deputy Minister and director of the Department of Budget of the Ministry of Economy and Finances, respectively Muharrem Ibrahimi and Agim Krasniqi, debated widely regarding the possibilities of rationalizing the expenditures from the budgetary organizations side.

Even though few debaters had the opinion that before beginning the debate would be better to have a material as support, which in specific way would show that in which fields was more expended, meaning in unreasonable way of course. They tried to mark the segments where were noticed high expenses. On this occasion was concluded that high expenses were marked during the use of vehicles, telephones, in daily-pay, representation, official travels etc. Similar ascertainments had also the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finances. According to this, was proposed to make a normative regarding the criteria of expenditures in these fields, in order to make big reductions.The control of expenses is more than necessary, meanwhile in the till now practice, especially daily-pay, are not controlled.

It was discussed also for expenses in goods, services and capital investments. And here has no place for rationalism but should be taken into account that such reductions should not lead in worsening the functioning and maintenance of investments.

The debate was a very important contribution in the beginning of preparations of the Plan for the Budget of Kosovo of the year 2006, which would be 14 million less than this year’s budget.

From the representatives of the Ministry was stated that the draft of the Budget for coming year will be more detailed in order to see that in which fields should be requested the expenditure rationalization.