Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the ambassador of Italy in OSCE, Bascone


In today’s meeting of the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Nexhat Daci with the ambassador of Italy in OSCE, Francesco Bascone was discussed about the situation in Kosovo before the beginning of talks for determination of the status of the country, for relations of institutions of Kosovo with international mechanisms, especially with OSCE, and for security and the rights of minorities.

The President of the Parliament Daci has stated that since the arrival of Administrator Petersen, institutions’ relations of the country with internationals have not tagged any divergence. He, meanwhile, has congratulated the work of Italian Office in Prishtina and the Office of Italian representative in Contact Group. Daci has also evaluated the engagement of OSCE, especially regarding the maintenance of very successful elections in Kosovo and has expressed the hope that OSCE will also support on drafting a good law for future elections and mostly for implementation of adopted legislation in the Assembly.

Talking about the security of citizens of Kosovo and for the rights of minorities, Daci said that Serbs of Kosovo have more indulgence than any other minority in Europe. Nevertheless they still deny participating in the institutions and in the process of decentralization, Serbs with only five percent of the population have even University education and the Serbian language is one of the official languages in Kosovo, emphasized the Head of legislature of the country. But in order to have better security for all our citizens, urgently should be established the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs, added Daci.

The ambassador of Italy in OSCE, Francesco Bascone emphasized that you can not say that it wasn’t been done much in Kosovo. He was very satisfied with relations between institution of the country and international institutions in Kosovo; he estimated the work of the legislative on adopting laws and added that even countries with lawmaking tradition have problems on implementing adopted laws.