Plenary Session

    Friday, 16.03.2018 10:00


    1. Time for declarations outside the agenda,

    2. Time for parliamentary questions,

    3. Interpellation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Ramush Haradinaj, according to the request of the Parliamentary group of Self Determination Movement (LVV), regarding the violent death of the activist of Self Determination Movement, Astrit Dehari,

    4. The review of the Proposal of Work Program of the Assembly of Kosovo for the year 2018,

    5. First review of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly,

    6. The review of the Draft-Law on Ratification Loan Agreement between Republic of Kosovo and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, regarding the Project of the Highway Kijevë - Zahaq,

    7. Second review of the Draft Law no.06/L-004 on amending and supplementing the Law no.03/L-094 for the President of the Republic of Kosovo,

    8. Second review of the Draft-Law no. 06/L-013 on amending and supplementing the Law no.04/L-072 regarding the control and oversight on state border, amended and supplemented with the Law no.04/L-214,

    9. Second review of the Draft Law no.06/L-014 on critical infrastructure,

    10. Second review of the Draft Law no.06/L-015 regarding the custom measures for protection of intellectual property rights,

    11. The review on the performance report of the public companies for the year 2015 and 2016,

    12, Appointment of two (2) members of the Committee regarding the verification and placement of properties,

    13. Appointment of one (1) member of the Committee regarding properties requests.