Assembly Meetings Calendar

Committee meeting

Committee on Budget and Finances

Wednesday, 29.05.2019 11:00 in room C 203


1. Approval of the agenda;
2. Approval of the minute from the Committee meeting dt. 14.05.2019;
3. Review the Draft Law no.06/L-131 on Amending and Supplementing the Law no.04/L-008 on Economic-Social Council and amendments of the Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare;
4. Approval of the Report with recommendation regarding the Draft Law no.06/L-137 on amend the Law no. 03/L-174 on the Financing of Political Entities, amend by the Law no. 04/L-058, Law no. 04/L-122 and Law no. 03/L-073 on General Elections in the Republic of Kosovo, amend by the Law no. 03/L-256;
5. Review the Request no.00255/19/shs, dt. 11 March 2019 of the Director of the Executive Secretariat of the Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification Agency for determining the amount of the coefficient the salary of the Director and Deputy Director of this Agency;
6. Others.