Participation of Civic Society in the work of the Assembly of Kosovo

Welcome to the Civil Society Database of the Assembly of Kosovo!

The Assembly of Kosovo calls on all civil society organizations interested in monitoring and contributing to the work of the Assembly of Kosovo to register in this database.

The organizations of civil society can register their contact details below and receive information on the aspects of the work of the Assembly and the committees they are interested in. Organizations are especially encouraged to provide information about the expertise in the fields they would like to cover in their cooperation with the Assembly. The data provided by registered organizations will be at the disposal of the Assembly Members and staff of the Assembly administration. It will not be shared with third parties. The data will be used by Members of the Assembly and their support staff to identify participants and experts for public hearings, consultations, field visits and outreach activities.


  1. The information required for your successful registration is: registration number of your organization together with the scanned registration document, as well as the fiscal number issued by the Tax Administration together with the scanned fiscal registration document document.   
  2. At the end of each year, between 1 to 31 December, you will be requested to state whether you would like to extend or suspend your registration for the following year. 
  3. At the beginning of each legislature renewal of your registration is required because of the changes within the structure and the number of Assembly Committees.     
  4. Your registration in the database will be valid following the verification of the registration and fiscal number of your organization by the Assembly.